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Cala Murtra, responsible snorkeling itinerary

Nachrichten | 09/07/2023

The Cap de Creus Natural Park has promoted the first itineraries for responsible snorkeling. These are three itineraries that want to help account for sports activity and the need to conserve the biodiversity of protected marine spaces. One of these spaces is Cala Murtra, located in the municipality of Roses.

The starting points of each itinerary are located in three different coves: Cala Tamariua, Portlligat and Cala Murtra. The route located in Cala Murtra (Roses) is between 300 and 600 meters long. It allows you to observe more sandy bottom species such as spider fish, roger, hake, sea cucumber and shoals of cuttlefish and chestnuts, among others.

The itinerary that leaves Cala Tamariua (Port de la Selvam) is between 250 and 500 meters long and allows you to see the posidonia grasses, as well as octopuses, garotes, sea sponges, the hermit crab or banks of smooth. On the other hand, the Portlligat (Cadaqués) itinerary is located on a wide beach that has been formed with the contribution of pebbles and sediments. Among others, it allows you to observe the spectacular posidonia meadow, which it reaches the surface and where it lives, along with other species, the red star.This route is between 400 and 800 meters long.

The Natural Park has published a booklet with all the information on these itineraries and advice for practicing this sport more responsibly with the natural environment and its biodiversity.

Cala Murtra, responsible snorkeling itinerary