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Attendance at the 11th Nautical Congress held in Bilbao.

Nachrichten | 28/04/2024

The 11th Nautical Congress in Euskalduna Bilbao, held on 7 and 8 March, began with an atmosphere of enthusiasm and expectation. Quico Taronji opened the event, recalling its beginnings in Madrid in 2013 and the growth since then. Daniel Solana from BASQUETOUR spoke about the importance of nautical tourism for the Basque Country. The economist Fernando Trías de Bes shared an optimistic vision of the future of the nautical sector, emphasising the passion for the sea. Inma Shara highlighted the importance of intangibles in business success.

Arturo Gutiérrez spoke about the new profile of the nautical client, while Matías Salazar from KPMG addressed sustainability in the sector. Nautical training was discussed with representatives from educational and business institutions. Five women leaders in the maritime sector shared challenges and perspectives in a historic round table discussion. The day concluded with a focus on nautical events and tourist destinations, highlighting promotional initiatives in Barcelona, Malaga and elsewhere.

The maritime administration expressed its commitment to the sector, with interventions from leading government figures. The Congress closed with a debate on regulatory developments in recreational boating and demonstrated the continued interest in the development and regulation of the sector.

Attendance at the 11th Nautical Congress held in Bilbao.