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Roses installs three bicycle maintenance and repair stations on the public highway. 08/03/2023

News | 08/03/2023

The Sports Department of Roses Town Council has acquired three stations that allow cyclists to carry out maintenance work on their bicycles and carry out repairs in the event of minor breakdowns, without having to carry the necessary tools with them. The first of these, located at the entrance to the Marina, is already operational, while the other two will be installed over the next few days in the sports area and in the old town.

Small repairs and maintenance tasks such as inflating tyres, adjusting brakes, tightening shells or even repairing a puncture in the street are now possible in Roses without having to carry tools with you, thanks to the free-use self-repair station located in the Marina. We are very happy to be able to make this new tool available to everyone," says Roses Sports Councillor Verònica Medina, "which will provide a quick solution for all those who use bicycles to get around or do sport in the municipality.

Each station consists of a column containing an air pump and a set of tools attached to the base by steel cables, with hexagonal Allen nails, a spanner, pliers, a flat screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver, and two plastic levers to remove the wheel cover in case the inner tube needs to be changed. For convenient and correct handling, the bicycle can be attached to the pillar by means of rubber anchors.

A coin of 0.50, 1 or 2 euros is required for use, which is returned after use. With these stations, the City Council wants to offer an extra service to the many cyclists from the municipality itself and visitors to Roses, allowing them to leave their bikes ready before or after their routes or to solve any unforeseen problems that may arise.

The two terminals that will be installed in the next few days will be located in the sports area, between the Sports Pavilion and the Municipal Swimming Pool, and in the old town, specifically next to the Local Police station. In this way, cyclists who may need this service will have three strategic points in different areas of the town where they can have their bike serviced or bring it up to date.




Roses installs three bicycle maintenance and repair stations on the public highway. 08/03/2023