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Presentation of the Festa Major program

News | 25/07/2023

This morning took place the presentation of the program of events for the Festa Major de Roses which, between August 10 and 15, will offer thirty activities that will fill squares and streets with shows for all audiences, traditions and fun.

Escape room in the street, shows and attractions for children and families


In compliance with the measures approved to deal with the exceptional drought situation in Catalonia, the Water Slide and Foam Festival activities will not be held this year. Children's fun, however, will continue to be guaranteed with activities such as the escape room on 'Missió espacial' street, a proposal to demonstrate family skills and expertise and solve challenges along a route that will have its starting point from Plaça del Teatre. Contes a la Fresca a la Biblioteca, Farsa de Farsants, giants, correfoc shows and the attractions installed in the fair grounds of the old Bahía campsite between August 10 and 20, will complete the children's program. It should be noted that the 'Children's Day' will take place on August 16, with tickets at €2 and the 'Noise Day',


9 free concerts in the Festa Major barracks

Five days of concerts by nine musical groups is the proposal of the Department of Festivities for the Barraques area of ​​this year's Roses Festival. The Carnaval gangs will be in charge of providing the bar and restaurant service in the venue, while the stage will gather between August 10 and 14 the performances of Balkan Paradise Orchestra, Buhos, El Pony Pisador, Somboits, Hotel Cochambre, Flashy Ice Cream, Orquestra Maribel, Ariadna Vieyra and the Gira105 of the RAC105 DJs.


Matinees, parade, dance of giants, Drachma de Plata... traditions that are kept alive in Roses

On the night of Sunday 13 August, the Correfoc will take place in charge of the devils Els Senyors del Foc and Factory de So. It will carry out a route starting from the Plaza del Teatre Municipal and finishing at the Ciutadella.


Tuesday the 15th will concentrate the majority of street and traditional activities and the Festa Major will explode early in the morning with all the music and color of the matinees and the parade of the Colla Gegantera de Roses . Then the solemn service of the Festa Major will be held in the church of Santa Maria de Roses and, immediately afterwards, in the Municipal Theatre, the ceremony of awarding the Silver Drachma the highest distinction with which the council recognizes people, entities or groups that stand out for their contribution to the municipality or for the contribution they make to the projection of the same, whether from a cultural, welfare, sports, educational aspect...


The party and entertainment in the street will continue in the afternoon with the 27th Roses Giant Meeting, which will once again show off giants and tadpoles from all over Catalonia, with a final dance that this year will take place in Plaça de les Botxes.


A visit to the Ciutadella, fireworks and a concert on the promenade will close the Festa Major

Tuesday 15 August, Rosincs and visitors will say goodbye to the party from 8.30 pm, with a theatrical visit to the Citadel that will give way to the Fireworks. Meanwhile, on the Passeig Marítim, the group Yo suspendí EGB will entertain the wait until the start of the Castle of Fires (11 p.m.) and, once it has finished, will put on music and dance at the end of the party.


Purple point in Barraques space 

The Festa Major de Roses will once again have a Lila Point, located in the Barracks and Attractions area of ​​the old Bahía campsite. Its function is to inform, raise awareness, prevent and address sexist attitudes and sexist behavior, in a personalized way, during the activities that will be carried out.


Rose flags

The City Council makes Roses flags available to residents of the municipality for all those who wish to decorate their balconies, terraces or windows during the days of the Festa Major. They are on sale at the Tourist Office for €9.


You can consult the complete schedule in the attached document


Presentation of the Festa Major program